What is CAD, CAE and CAM:

CAD is the computer-aided design or draft. It focus on product design and 2D/3D drafting.

CAE is the computer-aided engineering. It focus on engineering simulation including FEA, CFD, etc.

CAM is the computer-aided manufacturing. It focus on product manufacturing.

All of CAD/CAE/CAM refer to the computer software that is used to design, analysis and manufacture processing

Our Mission:

We provide low cost and professional engineering design and CAD drafting services. Using the power of the internet we are able to participate in your design projects just as effectively as being in your office.

What we need to work on CAD project:

Detailed description of your project

Scope of Work (SOW)

Any 2D sketch/drawing or support documents

What you need from our services

  • Design modeler
  • CFD meshing
  • CFD solver post processing